Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Selling on Ebay

Artist and crafters are successfully selling their items everyday online at auctions such as ebay. According to the sale of crafts on ebay has grown over 60 per cent in the last year. But at the same time when viewing crafts on ebay we will see many with no bids leading the artist and crafter to think that ebay just doesn't work. Here are some tips on how to successfully sell your creations on ebay.

1. Go to and type in the search box a word or phrase that describe your type of work, then scroll down the left side and click on the link for "completed items". By doing this you will be able to see the demand for this type of item.

2. Find out how much people are willing to pay for an item by clicking on the link that says " highest price" This will allow you to see all the prices of items from the highest to the lowest. Are you able to make money at these prices if so ebay may be the right place for your items

3. Read titles of items like yours - the words used should to describe you item such as hand made, handpainted. Read descriptions on items selling for high prices and get incite on how to write your description

4. Take great pictures and more than one- pictures need to show not only the whole item but the attention you paid to details

4.Examine successful winning auctions, what day did they start on, how long did they last, how many and what type of photos where used, starting price and how long did the auction last

5.Provide great customer service, packaging and shipping so that you get repeat customers.

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Anonymous said...

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