Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yard Saling

It's Saturday morning and its time to think about items we need for decorating. What better place to shop than yard sales - its inexpensive and fun ! The piece that just isnt right in someone elses home may be just what your looking for and at a fraction of the cost of what buying something new would be. Every style from primitive, country, modern to shabby chic can be found with a bit of looking, from expensive antiques to one of a kind pieces of art. The problem with yard saling is that you can home with a carload of bargains that you have no use or place for. An item for a dollar is a real bargain if you can use it but an item that has no use at all only becomes a burden to store or sale. Here are a few tips you may find helpful :

1. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. Maybes are not to be bought.

2. Measure your room, windows and available space for furniture needs. Nothing is worse than getting home and finding something will not fit- there are no returns at yard sale. Be sure to take your list with you.

3. Check your newspaper, free shopper ads, grocery store bulletin boards for sales. Craiglist on the internet is another great place to look. Make a list of addresses and use yahoo maps to map out directions.

4.Take cash most people will deal only in cash. Small bills and change. You will get better deals if people see that you dont have a large amount to spend, nothing makes a vendor feel worse than to be bargained down and then for you to pull out a large bill to pay with.

5. Go early or go late. Go early before items are picked over assures you of a better selection while going late usually means a better price especially on furniture items.

6. If you see something you want pick it up you can always return it to its place after shopping the entire sale and making decisions. Hesistating is the best way to have someone else pick up the item you wanted

7. Examine items carefully. If there is a stain or defect and you can still use it point it out to the vendor often they will lower the price. Buy furniture with good structure- solid wood can easily be painted or refinished. Remember you can not return things after purchasing so inspect glass and china for chips and cracks.

Yard sales are great places to buy used solid wood furniture, picture frames, vintage and shabby chic items but there is also alot of junk - so shop with a discerning eye and have fun !

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