Saturday, July 07, 2007

Caring for Wicker

Wicker furniture was extremely popular during Victorian times and is just as popular today fitting into many types of decor. Wicker refers to furniture made out of vines, grasses and plants. There are four major types of wicker : rattan, reed, willow and bamboo. Wicker is strong and durable and will last for years if taken care of properly. The few tips below will help to keep your wicker looking great for years. I bought this piece recently at an auction trying still to decide if I want to paint it or leave it more shabby chic looking
1.Avoid placing wicker in direct sunlight, radiators, heat ducts,fireplaces and wood stoves these will cause the wicker to dry out and become brittle. If the wicker becomes cracked and brittle apply boiled linseed oil with a brush being sure to get into all areas of the weave. Apply till the surface remains shiny and then wipe with a paper towel
2.To remove surface dust vaccuum regularly using the soft bristle attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Go with the weave when vacuuming. A dry paintbrush may be used to brush out stubborn dirt, animal hair and fuzz.
3.Wipe pieces down occasionally with a cloth dampened with water (wrung-out) and mild detergent. Keep water to a minimum to avoid limp or soggy wicker that will stretch out of shape. Do not sit on damp or wet wicker it will stretch the weave.
4. If you do find mold or mildew on your wicker clean immediately with a solution of bleach and water (50/50), rinse well and dry thoroughly.
By taking care of your wicker pieces properly they will last for years.

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