Monday, March 05, 2007

Tips for Buying at an Auction

Auctions can be fun to attend and a great place to find items for home decorating. The few tips below will make you more successful in bidding and making your purchases

1.Arrive early at the auction and examine everything you plan to bid on carefully. Auction sales are final and all items are sold "as is".

2. Dress for the weather, auctions are often held in drafty building or outside. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes

3.Bring a flashlight to inspect with, a magnet for testing metals such as brass, tape measure to check measurement to be sure the item will fit the space you have, and a notebook

4.If the weather is really bad always go. Bad weather will keep at least of 50% of the perspective buyers away and prices will be much lower.

5.Always bring some form of identification many auctions require you to present proof of identification when registering. Also many times you will need cash for purchases when you are unknown by the auctioneer.

6.Be prepared to haul good away immediately. Auctions will usually not store items for you

7.Sit or stand towards the back so you can see who is bidding on items and who is bidding against you

8.Never make the first bid, unless no one else is bidding, the auctioneer will continue to cut the price down until someone bids . Check out your competition before bidding

9. Make your first bid by raising your hand or number card you are given when registering. Bid after that may be made by nodding when the auction looks at you

10.Auctions can move extremely fast- pay attention. Move if you can not hear or concentrate because of talking and noise around you

11.Do not get caught up in the auction stick to your predetermined limit.

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