Monday, March 05, 2007

Caring for Antique Glassware

Many of own pieces of glassware that have been passed down through our families and hold great sentimental value for us or we may have purchased a piece of glass at an auction or flea market that we just love, regardless it need to be handled with care. Here are a few tips I have found helpful in taking care of glass.

1.Avoid the dishwasher. Old glass is fragile and can not take the abuse of a dishwasher. Glass should be carefully washed in the sink in warm soapy water, as an added precaution I like to wash old glass in a plastic tub thus preventing it being chipped or broken on the hard surface of the sink. Use soft bristle brushes made of nylon or plastic for scrubbing. Wash items one at a time to avoid collisions and dry with a soft lint free towel
2.Avoid putting glass in direct sunlight or near a radiator, temperature changes either hot or cold can stress glass causing it to crack and break

3.Avoid dropping by carrying glass with both hands. Remove stopper and lids and carry separately

4. Change water in vases every two to three days so that they will not become stained by the water and residue

5. When storing glassware remove all stoppers and lids to trapping dampness that will then discolor the glass

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