Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tip for Shopping Flea Markets- Before You Go

Before you head out to the flea market here are a few helpful tips that will make your day more enjoyable

Maps and Directions- call ahead for directions, admission and parking prices and hours. Find out if food and beverages are available. Be sure to bring your own bottled water especially on a hot day

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Dress appropriate for the weather- the best bargains can be found on cold rainy days. Be sure to wear sunscreen. Pare down your wallet to the barest necessites. Use a shoulder tote so that your hands are free

Take a tape measure with you, a magnet for testing metals and a pencil and small notepad

Make a wish list with any measurements of rug or furniture sizes you might need- remembering once you purchase it in most cases its a no return policy

A sturdy tote or wire shopping cart for carrying purchases- Ive bought so much that Ive had to even buy another cart.

Bring any packing materials you might need for fragile items and blankets,tarps and rope if you are planning on purchasing furniture

Bring cash most vendors do not take checks or credit cards.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Debbie, I have never been so now I know what to do and will drag DH there, Fleas or No Fleas!!